Friday, April 30, 2010

Lala Goes Bye Bye May 31st

One of my favorite places to spend my time is going bye bye thanks to Apple's purchase of LALA. The word on the street is Apple snapped them up because of their engineering staff's amazing accomplishment: creating a shared music experience that leverages the cloud so deftly.

Now those engineers are finding ways to improve Itunes i hope, perhaps they will just gut LALA's features and put them in to Itunes...which could be cool, or could be another disappointment like the Iphone's relationship with the worst cell carrier AT&T.

I made you all a playlist, and will continue to put them out, in the hopes that LaLa's site traffic increases more as they get closer to shut down.

My Bye Bye Lala Playlist 1 - All Bill Baird, All The Time.

But I guess look on the bright side...never mind, I don't think there is a bright one. LALA R.I.P.

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